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AP Dynamometer (10 inch)

AP Dynamometer (10 inch)
Product Information
Item Number:30007-0026
Select Capacity x Divisions:
Oversized Shackle & Pin assembly:
Klaxon Alarm Signal feature:
Alternate Zero Dial position:
Hook Accessory:
Steel Storage Case:

Capacities 30,000 lb and above include a wooden storage box.
Capacities below 30,000 lb do not include a storage case. See Steel Storage Case option above.
The Dynamometer includes 2 standard shackles. If you order an AP Crane Scale Hardware Kit, that kit comes with an oversized shackle.

AP Dynamometer Specifications AP Dynamometer Brochure

It has proven its value in such diverse jobs as mounting cables for bridges, adjusting tension on guy wires, field testing chain, rope, wire anything requiring precision force or tension measurement.

Features & Benefits

The Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer exhibits limitless versatility as a tension, traction and weight measuring instrument.

Full selection of capacities - Available in capacities from 500 to 100,000 pounds, 200 to 50,000 kilograms, 2,000 to 500,000 Newtons.

Long life - The core of the device is a steel flexing beam. The enclosure is a heavy aluminum alloy case with baked on protective finish. The dial face is sealed and cushioned with a rubber gasket.

Safe for overhead applications - Most models have a 5:1 ultimate safety factor.

Zero control - Use it like a tare. It can cancel preset load values up to 20% of device capacity.

Options - Oversized shackle & pin assembly is available with low and medium capacity dynamometers only.

If ordering the Klaxon alarm signal feature, you must specify load setting for Klaxon to sound. This alarm is for capacities through 20,000 lb only.

AP Dynamometer (10 inch)