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2101 Remote Display

2101 Remote Display
Product Information
Item Number:2101
0351 Cable, Serial RS232 DB9F-DB9F:

The 2101 features a large 6 digit LCD display with bright LED backlighting for use in all lighting conditions. With a viewing distance of approximately 15 metres it is suitable for use in freight/airport scales and mobile applications.
  • Very High Visibility
  • Large 27mm(1.1" high) Alpha LCD Display
  • LED Backlighting
  • Auto-detecting setup with Rinstrum indicators
  • RS232 serial input
  • Panel mount with optional stainless steel housing
Accessories for the 2101 are shown below.

Panel Mount Gasket
Use when panel mounting 21xx for neat IP55 sealing on lightly textured surfaces.
Stainless Housing IP65
Supplied with 0348 gasket and desk stand for enclosing wiring and providing a neat desk or wall mounted finish. Stainless steel housing suitable for use in food service applications.
Stainless Housing IP65, Pwr Supply, VDC
DC-DC converter for 12-24V input and 12V output. Suitable for use on trucks etc, also includes 0329 housing. Note that the 0227 relay card cannot be used with this power supply.
Stainless Desk Mount
When sealing or enclosing wiring is not necessary this option provides for convenient desk/wall mounting.

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R420 Weight Indicator


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2101 Remote Display