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R420 Weight Indicator

R420 Weight Indicator
Product Information
Item Number:R420-K401-A
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The R400 series of indicators are designed with both the installer and operator in mind and cover a wide range of applications. They are engineered and built to last with reliability being foremost. The modular design allows for the installation to be commissioned with only the components required, saving on time and money.

Flexibility is the key with its award winning modular accessory design. Modules include: additional serial options, input/outputs, analogue outputs, external buttons, Ethernet, Alibi (Data Storage Device) and battery or AC option.

Superior housings -

R420 (ABS) rated to IP65

Housings are designed with extra attention to detail to increase their reliability in the field, thereby reducing unplanned downtime and servicing costs. For example, the R420 uses a high impact polycarbonate lens to protect the LCD from knocks.

Simple setup - use the menu system directly via the alpha numeric keypad or the configuration utility View400 on a PC.

Operator friendly - large multi-segment display that uses logical prompts along with dedicated and programmable function keys. Printing can be tailored with custom record, docket or reports printouts. Primary display is 29mm (1.1) and secondary display 18mm.

Rugged Load Cell Input - Designed to take 16x320 ohm load cells; providing flexibility and reducing the need for summing hardware, simplifying the installation and saving money. The load cell input is protected with onboard transorbs to limit damage from external voltage surges.

Networking Capability - Support for both Ethernet and Profibus DP to improve integration into larger control systems.

Product Brochure - (PDF) file

Data Sheet - (PDF) file

Firmware Options

K401 - General Weighing, 1 Product
K402 - General Weighing, 250 Products
K410 - Dedicated Filling & Batching, 100 Products
K411 - Dedicated Filling & Batching, 100 Products
K412 - Dedicated Filling & Batching, 100 Products

Accessories for the R420 are shown below.

Desk Mount, ABS IP65

Rear boot with supplied glands seals instrument to IP65. Includes desk stand with non-slip feet and provision for permanent mounting.

Stainless Wall Mount
Stainless steel bracket for wall mounting. For use with M4001 boot.
Stainless Pole Mount
Stainless steel stand for pole mounting. For use with M4001 boot and A10018 pole mount insert.
Clear Protective Cover
Clear plastic covers to protect instrument face from dirt/scratches while still allowing full functionality. In packs of 10. For use with R420.
Insert for Pole Mounting
Variable diameter (36-38mm) insert for pole mounting with four holes for cabling.

R420 Weight Indicator