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Chute Weigh

Chute Weigh
Product Information
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Weight Indicator::

Ideal for livestock weighing and herd management. The ease of installation and setup, allows the Chute Weigh system to be accurately weighing in just minutes. Installation can be portable or permanent depending on specific application.

The price includes 2 weighing pad assemblies to make a "complete" scale.

To make a complete "Kit", you would also need to order the 640M weight indicator.

Easy Mounting - Mounting under manual or hydraulic livestock squeeze chutes

Large Weight Capacity - 5,000 or 10,000 lb. gross weighing capacity (2500/5000 lb per weigh bar)

Weatherproof Construction - Aerospace-developed sealing agent provides ultimate protection against moisture and ensures long term durability in harsh agricultural environment

Herd Management - Weight indicator is compatible with various herd management EID software packages

The recommended scale indicator option includes a Model 640M scale indicator and indicator mounting bracket, and a 12 VDC wall-mount transformer. Recommended Model 640M Indicator features include: large backlit LCD display, RS-232 port, Auto-Loc feature to capture livestock weight, Auto-Accumulate of livestock weight and Statistics with number of livestock weighed, total weight and average weight.

Chute Weigh