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Quick Balance

Quick Balance
Product Information
Item Number:AWT15-500844
Additional Sheaves:
Code L 3/16 in. - 1/4 in. (+$245)
Code P 3/16 in. - 1/2 in. (+$245)
Code S 1/4 in. - 3/4 in. (+$245)
Code T 1/2 in. - 1 in. (+$245)
Three Factory Installed Calibrations (1/2 in., 9/16 in., 5/8 in. 8 x 19) (Included)

Quick-Balance includes Code "S" sheaves. Additional Sheaves must be purchased separately.

Each meter comes standard with a carrying case.

The Dillon Quick Balance tension meter quickly measures tension on elevator traction cables or other cable sets, recording individual readings, averages and total readings. Quick Balance installs, measures and removes in seconds, giving accurate digital readings up to 10,000 lbs. No lookup or correction tables required, and no need to write down readings for comparisons.

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What size sheaves should be purchased?
It makes sense to take advantage of the range for the sheaves. Most customers can make do with one set of sheaves for the entire assortment of wires they tension by installing the sheave set that matches the largest diameter cable being used. If a customer checks tension in both 3/4 and 3/16 rope, then they should order two sheave sets, sheave code L & S. The operator must use the appropriate sheave set for the wire size and calibration stored. Changing sheave sets takes about two minutes with included wrench.

Quick Balance