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D320 Remote Display

D320 Remote Display
Product Information
Item Number:D320

The D320 is a compact six digit remote display based on the R300 series indicators. They make a cost effective display solution for a variety of applications; including freight / airport scales, and mobile feedlot mixers.

The setup is auto-detecting to selected indicators and the unit has an RS232 serial input.

D320 IP65 ABS housing

The flexible mounting options (panel, desk, and wall) allow for fitting into these installations and the LCD display is LED backlit catering for a range of lighting conditions.

Compact housings: Allows for the unit to be readily mounted on small control panels or equipment, reducing costly modifications to the units they are being installed into.

Magnetically coupled link on front fascia - Easy access in situ for updates/setup of the unit, saving the installer time and effort.

IP65 rated housings - Dust and water tight, increasing reliability and unit life time.

Wide DC operation (7 -24V) to suit a variety of onboard OEM applications -Eliminates the need for third party power supplies saving on system complexity and cost.

Data Sheet

Accessories for ABS housings are shown below.

Desk Mount, ABS
ABS plastic desk stand with non-slip rubber feet for desktop use. Also holds 4xAA batteries. For use with R320.
Swivel Mount, Stainless
Stainless steel bracket for use with M3001 to provide easy post mounting.
Rear Boot, Waterproof ABS
ABS water proof boot. For use with R320. Compatible with the M3002 swivel bracket for wall mounting and the M3007 stainless steel stand for pole mounting.
Clear Protective Cover
Clear plastic covers to protect instrument face from dirt/scratches while still allowing full functionality, in packs of 10. For use with R320.
Pole Mount, Stainless
Stainless steel stand for pole mounting - for use with M3001 or M3003 boot and A10018 pole mount insert.
Battery Pack, NiMH 12V 2.5AH ABS
One M3003 boot with 2.5Ah 12V NiMH batteries, charging socket and internal charger. IP65

New part number is M3117

D320 Remote Display