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Compression Fittings

Compression Fittings
Product Information
Item Number:AWT05-500453
Select Desired Fitting:
Cone point profile
Chisel profile
Inverted chisel
Compression plate
Vented compression plate (+$20)
Vented compression plate w/ swivel (+$190)
Physical therapy & muscle pressure plates, set of 3 (+$420)

Can apply a variety of compressive loads. Compression loading only.

Chisel Profile

Chisel Profile      Chisel Profile

Firm ridge-like profile. Used to simulate fingertips and fingernail pressure.

A B C D Rated Up To Fixing Thread Part No.
0.3in (8mm) 0.75in (19mm) 0.5mm (0.02in) 60 1000N 10-32 UNF AWT05-500452

Compression Plates

Compression Plates      Compression Plates

For general compression tests.

A Fixing Thread Part No.
0.75in (20mm) 10-32 UNF 36316-5200

Cone Point Profile

Cone Point Profile      Cone Point Profile

Very small contact area.

A B C D Rated Up To Fixing Thread Part No.
0.3in (8mm) 60 0.75in (9mm) 0.02in (0.5mm) 1000N 10-32 UNF AWT05-500453

Inverted Chisel

Inverted Chisel      Inverted Chisel

Cradles small items while pushing.

A B C Rated Up To Fixing Thread Part No.
0.3in (8mm) 90 0.75in (19mm) 1000N 10-32 UNF AWT05-500451


Vented      Vented

Allows air-release in bottle top load tests. ASTM D2659. Also suitable as general purpose plate

A Fixing Thread Part No. Swivel
2.0in (50mm) 10-32 UNF AWT05-500448 No
4.5in (114mm) 10-32 UNF 36303-0016 Yes

Compression Fittings